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Part quick reference guide, part tax research platform, the Big Book of Taxes 365 was designed for the tax professional on a limited research budget, though powerful enough to add to any tax research library.

In an era of constantly changing tax laws, paper-based quick reference guides have become obsolete. On top of that, Congress has decided to make changes retroactive. Bottom line, a printed tax reference guide may be worthless by the time the ink dries.

This online research tool includes over 150 chapters within 1,250 plus pages, covering everything individual tax with highlights of small business issues. 

The Big Book of Taxes has our constantly updated research center, which links to over 300 sites, including IRS forms, the IRM, Code, Regs, Rev Rulings, Rev Procs, bulletins, draft forms, tax treaties, state tax agencies, K-1s for publicly traded partnerships, per diem rates, SS administration, and the list goes on and on.

Many tax professionals spend thousands of dollars on tax research products. The Big Book of Taxes is designed as the cliff-notes of tax law, basically the same result as having a staff of full-time tax technical researchers.

The format and table of contents follow the 1040, making it easy to navigate.

In addition, you can use quick search queries, flow charts, worksheets, indexes, and note tools to make the Big Book of Taxes 365 an unmatched tool.

  • Organized in tax return sequence 
  • All recent law changes are flagged in the text
  • Updated for the Extenders and the SECURE act
  • An index of recent law changes included
  • Search the entire resource with topic keywords and phrases
  • Automatic year-round updates
  • Personalized link for easy access from any device, ability for custom notes
  • A downloadable PDF version for offline access
  • Support for tablets and mobile devices
  • Includes California differences, where applicable, at the end of each chapter

Only $95 per year. Includes year-round updates and will renew automatically unless canceled.

Publication Date: Updated Year-Round
Level: Intermediate
Author: Lee T. Reams, EA

Disclaimer: The license is granted for your personal use only. It can be accessed by mobile, tablet, or desktop computer. 

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Our users rated The Big Book of Taxes 94 out of 100. Check out what our subscribers have to say about The Big Book of Taxes:

"The Big Book is the most complete reference manual I’ve seen. My experience and background, not surprisingly, make it easier to use. It’s really very accessible. Amazing depth, as well as the unbelievable breadth and ClientWhys, updates it as relevant pronouncements come out, daily when necessary. WOW! What an undertaking! It looks fantastic." Phil Storrer, CPA

"I love the online version of the Big Book. The fact that it’s continuously updated is an amazing perk that cannot be duplicated in a print edition. And many publishers don’t even update their digital versions, so what we have in the online Big Book is a tremendously useful and unrivaled tax tool. Thanks, Lee!" Matt Bigelow

"I was amazed by the new Big Book. Congratulations, your new rendition is a superior product!! I will be using it daily for my research. Thank you. I appreciate all aspects of Clientwhys!"

"Big Book of Taxes 365 new format is superb, and easy to search between topics. Very impressive and makes us look good too! Great job Lee Reams Sr. and colleagues."

"I appreciate the high level of work in the research center and feel confident I’m getting the correct information.”

"I am familiar with many of the education providers out in the market. The Big Book of Taxes is far superior to most providers. Not only is it filled with a wealth of knowledge but having a resource tool that you interact with on your desktop for ease of research is invaluable. Thanks, Lee and team.”

"In my 21 years in the tax business, this is the best text I have ever seen. My compliments to your staff." - Bruce Hersh, CPA

"Thank you for your spectacular tax seminars, "Big Book," and for being the tax practitioner’s Number One tax research resource!!!" - Dale Machalleck, EA

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