About Us

CountingWorks has been serving the needs of tax and accounting professionals for over 25 years.

People often ask us why we focus on small tax and accounting practices? For us, it’s simple - the relationships. We have been in this industry for over 25 years. We have grown and sold ImageOne, who at its peak served over 40,000 professionals nationwide. We know you and how your office works. We care about your success.

Despite all the complexities in today’s tax and accounting industry, it still comes down to one central idea, great advice given by tax professionals to their clients. When tax and accounting professionals aren't side tracked by their daily tasks, complex tax questions, new client acquisition or following ups on no shows, they can focus on serving their clients. Our marketing technology and learning center make it happen.

Tax season success starts with training. And no one will get you better prepared than CountingWorks.