What are the minimum system requirements to use the CountingWorks Learning Center?

  • An Internet connection
  • Web browser:
    • Internet Explorer 8+
    • Firefox 2+
    • Safari on Mac 1.2+
    • Google Chrome
  • Javascript and Cookies enabled
  • Flash Player 9+
  • While not a requirement the CountingWorks Learning Center is best viewed using a minimum screen resolution of 1024×768

I placed an order online what do I do next?

  • For individual online CPE courses - 

You should have received an email with the subject line "Countingworks Getting started - Learning Center login instructions". This email provides login instructions and a link. Please check your spam or junk folder if you have not received it yet. Follow the link and the instructions and your course will be ready for you to take.

Please check your spam or junk folder if you have not received it yet. Follow the link and the instructions and your courses will be ready for you to take.

If you are having difficulty logging in please email cpe@countingworkspro.com give us a call at 1-800-384-1101 and we will assist you.

I purchased an online course how do I proceed?

To take the course online, click on the Learning Center Login and login with your user name (email address) and password.

To begin a course, click on the course name found in your account under Courses To Do, scroll down and begin with the first module, Step 1, Course Material Lesson 1. Once you have successfully completed the first lesson, complete the review questions and then move onto the next module.

After successfully completing ALL of the modules including the lessons, review questions, final exam and survey, your certificate will be available to print in the recent achievements tab found within the course or in your main account under Achievements (trophy icon).

You will not be able to review your correct/incorrect answers to the final exam questions until you successfully pass the final exam. However, you may take the exam online as many times as it takes in order to pass successfully. The passing grade for a final exam is a score of 70 percent or higher.

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IRS and CTEC reporting

We normally submit to the IRS and CTEC weekly.

What are the Final Exam Standards?

  • IRS Standard:

CE providers of self-study programs must verify each participant’s successful completion of the program by providing a final examination.  For participants to receive CE credit, they must complete the final examination with a minimum passing grade of 70 percent.   Final examinations for self-study programs should include a minimum of five multiple-choice questions per credit hour and not consist primarily of basic lookup questions that do not require reading of the program material.  All test questions should deal with application of the theory of the program material, for example computational problems. True or false questions are allowed but may not be included in the number of final examination questions required per credit hour.  CE Providers who offer evaluative feedback on incorrect responses on the final examination, must use a test bank of questions of sufficient size to minimize overlap of questions on the final examination for the typical repeat test-taker.  CE Providers, who do not use a test bank of questions, may not provide feedback to a test-taker on a failed examination. A complete answer key containing all of the final examination questions for the program should never be provided to a student.

  • CTEC Standard:

CP13(m) - Providing Student with Answers to Exam Questions: Curriculum providers are never permitted to provide students with answers to exam questions prior to the student successfully passing the examination. Providers may provide answers to specific missed exam questions to students that successfully passed the examination. However, a complete answer key containing all of the exam questions for the course shall never be provided to a student.