Tax Update and Review Virtual Conference

Due to the rapidly changing situation with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), and after reviewing the guidance provided by government agencies and international organizations, ClientWhys TaxCPE has decided to make this year’s Tax Update & Review Seminar an online-only, virtual event.

ClientWhys seminars are a key event for the tax professional community, but preserving the health and safety of our customers, partners, and employees are our top priority.

By turning this annual in-person conference into a virtual experience, we will still be able to connect on important topics in the current climate.

The good news:

We are bringing back the 16-hour tax and review update experience to provide a comprehensive tax update and review presentation.

We are scheduling the update from November through January. We will break the sessions down into shorter time periods to make it work within your schedule. The event will allow you to choose your session time(s) and includes Q & A coverage by our team of tax experts.

We have purposely kept our fees below market during this time, knowing that competitors are charging double compared to our tax update and review program. All you need is an internet connection and screen of any size to get updated.

Click the Virtual Conference below to save your seat.

"Fabulous job today! Congratulations to Art and Lee on what is easily the best Tax Update in California. An impressive crowd of happy tax practitioners!" 
- Joe Walloch 

"Thank you for your spectacular tax seminars, "Big Book", and for being the tax practitioners Number One tax research resource!!!
- Dale Machalleck

"Thanks once again to Mr. Reams, Marcia Salter,, for an excellent course that I'm sure was not easy to bring together with such a limited time frame. Much appreciated!" 
- Terrence O'Neill, EA

"ClientWhys is by far the best tax info provider out there." 
- Debbie Gonzales