"The Big Book is the most complete reference manual I’ve seen... my experience, not surprisingly, is use makes it easier... It’s really becomes very accessible... Amazing depth as well as unbelievable breadth and CountingWorks updates it as relevant pronouncements come out... daily when necessary."

- Phil Storrer

"I love the online version of the Big Book. The fact that it’s continuously updated is an amazing perk that cannot be duplicated in a print edition. And many publishers don’t even update their digital versions, so what we have in the online Big Book is a tremendously useful and unrivaled tax tool. Thanks, Lee!"

- Matthew Bigelow

"I was able to meet the deadline by a few days and successfully renew my CTEC registration. All thanks to Carl. He went above and beyond to report multiple courses I completed this week. Without his consideration, my tax practice would have been in dire straits. I am truly grateful for Carls’ professionalism and prompt responses. With Gratitude!"

- Joanna N. Delgado

 "I so appreciate CountingWorks and the support you give us the tax professionals!"

- Carolyn J. Sims

Tax updates 2020 (CPE073)
"The course was good. Lots of good material I could use in my practice."

- Aliasghar Majidishad

I LOVED this class!
Very helpful to have actual "real life" questions and answers!  

- Sally Sepulveda

"I want to say thank you so very much for this forum and all that you provide us!  This is my first year knowing about it, and boy have I missed out.  So very appreciative."

- Evonne Winegarner

"Thank you, Lee, you do an amazing job answering so many questions, especially during this year of tax reform. 

Thanks to Phil who provides  so much detailed insight.  Thanks to all the CountingWorks forum contributors. 

Lee said it earlier this year....the strangest (or did he say weirdest?)  tax season ever!  I know it was the most unusual season of my relatively short tax career."

- Ray Kong

"Lee, THANK YOU and to your entire team. As others have said, you are a very valuable resource to each and every one or us. I think all of us owe you a tremendous THANKS for the leadership you provide. This forum is a great resource to all of us and provides an outlet to share thoughts and ideas and experiences.  I’m not sure we would be as successful as we are without it and CountingWorks in general.   THANKS and take a few days to relax. You deserve it."

- Greg Lawless

"Thanks Lee, you and your team for making our lives easier.  I know I’m not alone in how much I appreciate this forum as a safe harbor for questions regardless of how complicated or even those that we feel we should probably know.  But it’s not that alone, the other services that CountingWorks provides help me round out my practice."

- David Robson

"Thank you so much as always for all the valuable information and feedback!! CountingWorks is such a valuable tool for preparers!"

 - Cheryl

"I value and appreciate all of the input, the help and the education this forum has given me."

- Purty Dorn

"This was my first year and did not realize there was a forum.  I sure have learned quite a bit from it as my peers post their questions.  The funny thing is, as clients trickle in and tax issues arise, I revert back to the posts and lo and behold, there is my answer.....much appreciated.   Words can't describe how helpful this forum is.

Thanks again Lee and staff for all your efforts!!!"

- Linda Kharsa

"I want to express our gratitude for your constant guidance, your expertise and technical support.  We found it to be of tremendous aid to be part of CountingWorks.

We also extend our thanks to all our fellow colleagues/participants for sharing your questions and responses."

- Nancy M. Burke C.R.T.P.

"Thank you so much. What would we do without you???!!!!!!"

- Cheryl Lombardi

"Thank you for all your help this last year and the many many years before. You have made preparing taxes much easier for all of us. There should be  a special place in "tax Heaven" for you."

-  Barbara @Bjtaxx 

"I am not sure how many years I have been taking CPE with CountingWorks...but, it's always informative!" 

- Cathy Stopyra

"Lee, you and your company are the best, Thank You!"

Myra Thompson

"I just finished CPE70215 Uncommon Medical Deductions... Evaluating this course with numbers 1 to 5 does not do it justice… Going into is I thought “what helpful insights can this course give me”?  After all, I taught this material for 30+ years at the university level… I was pleasantly surprised… Not only did it refresh my fading memory but gave me new issues to contemplate… The uncommon deductions were not so uncommon and even if you don’t have a client who underwent fertility treatment to have triplets knowing the underlying rationale for medical deductions, harvested from the IRC, regs, and rulings, both public and private will help all tax preparers.  Kudos Lee and CountingWorks."

 - Phil Storrer

"Thank you CountingWorks as always for being there and answering all the questions for all of us! Great forum to say the least!"

- Juan Velasquez

"I’m enjoying getting my CPE while at the gym walking an hour on the treadmill. Multi-tasking, you know!" 

- Stancel Skelton

"By the way, course material makes a great reference guide for the tax year. Will add a couple classes because the learning was fun."

- Angelia Horton

"CountingWorks is the best CPE provider"

- Anirudh (Andy) Lakhotia

"Great seminar, will pass information on to others in the office."

- Susan Pereira, Plotnik, Feinberg & Assoc, PC

 "Great teachers"

- ALBERTO GUERRERO, Experto Tax Service

 "Thank you.  I love the Big Book of Taxes, and I will be buying it again this year."

- Ann Pearson, E.A.

"Today, I finished CPE058. And just about 10 minutes ago, one of my clients came in to see if she is taking the correct exemption amounts on her W-2W-4. Guess what, she and her mother qualify for the Medicaid Waiver payments! I looked like I was the smartest tax preparer ever. Thank you for the timely material - I would have never guessed it would pay off so quickly! Thanks again."

- Ann Strickland, MST, CPIM
  S & S Financial Services

"As always a big "Thank you again!" 

 - David Kabachnick, EA

"I just wanted to say how much I appreciate the fantastic job you do in helping all of your members out on the CountingWorks Google Group. I myself have benefited immensely from the help you have provided me with your advice and guidance."

 - Winston Francis 
    President, EA, BBS, Inc

"Great webcast Lee! Again, thank you."

- Terrence O'Neill EA

 "Thank You" for your spectacular tax seminars, "Big Book", and for being the tax practitioners Number One tax research resource!!!

- Dale Machalleck

"An amazing forum and a great help to all of us!!!"

 - Juan Velasquez

"Just wanting to say thank you for all the responses and help for this tax season, I really do appreciate all the feedback!! A big thank you to you too, Lee!!! :)))"

- Cheryl Lombardi EA

"If I forget to tell you, I want you to know how much I appreciate you and all tax expertise you have brought to this forum." 

- Carolyn Sims

"Thank you for the “Rates” summary.  You do good work."

- Ted G.

"Two years running with you folks and I do like your service. That's enough to keep me for at least a third :) !"

- Dana J. Harunkiewicz

"The various worksheets, the up to date topics, the print version, the in-depth coverage of the gray areas that we Enrolled Agents come across, is the reason why I give these courses an A+."

- David L. Martin, EA

"If I may be a touch unprofessional here... you guys ROCK!” 

- Susan Gallagher-Smith
  Gallagher Financial Services

"This is one of the best courses that I have had the privilege of reviewing. Not only is the text well written, the questions are to the point, understandable and of high pedagogical value. I wish there was a way to give this to other providers as an example of how to do it." 

- Philip Storrer, CPA
  CTEC Course Reviewer
  Professor of Taxation, Hayward University

"Just thought that I would pass along a big A+ for your update seminar yesterday in La Mirada. Matt was terrific and the information provided was far superior to the other workshops that I have attended. In a year I felt would be thin on substance, I certainly received my money's worth. Thanks to CountingWorks."

- Charlie Kimball, EA

 "In my 21 years in the tax business, this is the best text I have ever seen. My compliments to your staff."

- Bruce Hersh, CPA

"The Quality of your CPE material and ability to use as a reference source is great...as always."

- P. Martin, EA

"Overall excellent review of the tax laws."

- L. Oshodi, EA

"The course is great. Thanks."

- Charles Lewie Welch

"Good website...keep up the good work!"

- Pao Vang

 "The entire class plan for the course was appropriate. It touched many areas of which I could implement for the coming tax year."

- Bertha Horta

"This was my first time taking your course. I will be back next year."

- Steve Love, CPA

"In a nutshell, gave me all the new updates. I thought it terrific, timely, cost effective, and educational."

- Joan Robinson

"Thank you for providing questionnaires which are easy to comprehend and precise. I’ll see you again next year."

- Walter L Pontillano

"Art Werner was excellent!!! I do not know much about estate tax but he took the information and presented it in a way that the oldies and the newbies could understand. It was a great seminar and I can't wait to come again next year."

- Candice Lottering 

"Thank you for providing such a challenging CPE course. I worked for the IRS prior to opening my own practice, but I definitely found this course to be a great refresher course. Thanks."

- Latonya Stovall, EA

"The manual, the instructors were excellent!"

- Stephen G. Bell, CPA

"Your recent class in Ventura was the best ever. Arthur Werner was very good. Glad you added him."

- Kenneth J. Laskey, CPA

"Your seminars and online courses, which were first time experiences for me, were very enjoyable. I will continue to attend your seminars and the online courses."

- Chizuko Ito

"Really like the new online format and the opportunity to review results for correct answers."

- Sue Codekas


- CTEC Student

"It is an excellent review of every important aspect of individual and business taxes. It was really interesting. Thank you."

- Bernabe L. Aparicio

"I like the fact that I can take this course at 2:00 AM and get my certificate right then!"

- Charlotte Wilson, EA

"It really helped me to think things out, and I appreciate that. I've taken CPE courses in the past, and it simply took finding the same sentence in the course material. I want my practice to benefit from the CPE courses that I take, and you helped me to achieve this."

- EA - Offers in Compromise Course

"Best site so far for online learning courses."

- William M Bistranin, EA

"A great online experience. Easy to use and quick response. It was well written and easy to understand. A great review of the collection process. Thank You"

- Charlotte Wilson

"I like the ability to both print the course to read and study away from the computer, then to take the exam online."

- Steve Vezeris

"Well done. The ability to print out a manual and test were much appreciated."

- Greg Storms, CPA

"Since all of the course dealt with late changes, all was timely and beneficial with 2005 changes being most pertinent to the current filing season."

- D. Michael Taylor, EA

"Excellent overview for boomers. This is my first course with you. I'll definitely be taking more."

- Michael Cruz, CFP

"With the tax laws constantly changing, it is refreshing to have a CPE course that speaks to us tax professional in plain terms that we can understand. I feel confident about my expertise of the new tax laws outlined in your material."

- Latonya Stovall

CountingWorks has the best CPE that I have used since becoming an EA."


- Jay Debolt, EA

"I liked the clear, well-explained answers to problems that I missed. I also appreciated the exact pages for reference."

- Helen Williams

"The two-day seminar was fantabulous!!!!Thank you for the same!!!"

- Nozer Haladwala

"All provides an excellent opportunity to review and study area's that I need to pay more attention to. Thanks for the guidance and explanations on problem area's."


"Last year was my first year attending a 
CountingWorks seminar; the speakers were excellent and I was blown away by the quality of the accompanying text."


- Survey Response



- Enrolled Agent

"It's very fast and easy to get from start to finish. Great when you're in a hurry and the course materials are very good. I'll look here first in the future."

- Survey Responder

"The reason I switched over from Gear Up is because of the price. Gear Up was getting too high for what you were getting. But then I found that I liked your book more, and I really like that you get a CD also. I also appreciate that you can get an extra 8 hours by taking a test later."

- Survey Responder

"I have been referring because you get more bang for your buck than Gear Up."

- Survey Responder

"Keep up your great product. I like the flow of your individual seminar book."

- Gene Hunner

"I have just attended your seminar, I really loved it. I am a new tax preparer ( about 3 years into accounting). I attended your seminar last year and really enjoyed it. Lee and Claudia are really informative. I have been to many other courses and this is the best one!"

- Candice Lottering

"Every section of this course is beneficial and well written. The use of real life examples is appreciated."

- Kate Stough, EA

"Realized that I screwed up on my own CA childcare credit and can amend and get some $$$ back!"

- Suzette

"This was the most well written and clear test you have ever offered. All the sentences were concise and easy to read. The font size was great on the written materials. Great!"

- Mary A.

"Excellent class, This will be my 12th year. Really appreciate the expertise of the speakers last year and the upcoming year."

- Patricia Neu

"Great job on the RDP course, sure wish I had had this material prior to the 2010 tax season."

- Charlie Kimball

“Thank you CountingWorks for sharing your experience and tax knowledge and thanks to everyone willing to make their respective posts that sometimes humble and remind me that I still have a lot to learn…..Best of luck to everyone on the forum.”

- Elizabeth Ferreira

CountingWorks I also thank you for having this discussion panel in place. During those long evenings when my brain was fried, there you were along with all the panel. Thank you…thank you!”

- Elizabeth S. Beard, EA

“This service is a lifeline for me as a single practitioner, so glad there was this opportunity!!”

- David Kabachnick

“Thank you CountingWorks, you are truly the best!”

- Jeri Lynn Bare

“Yes, thank you CountingWorks. I do not use this group much, mostly to see what other practitioners are dealing with, but for me it is really an ongoing learning center. Again, thanks to all of you.”

- Jane Hawn

“Thank you CountingWorks for all your wisdom over the past tax seasons. I have learned so much from this group.”

- Denice Leon

“I would just like to tell you Lee how invaluable you are to our profession. You continue to share with others your knowledge & experience so very generously. Thank you!!!!“

- Claudia K. Tolbert, EA

“Amen to that! You are very, very, helpful and much appreciated.”

- Bob Bobbe

“Totally amazing and so appreciated! You save us hours and hours of research!”

- Peggy Hall

“The help you provide is nothing short of amazing. I’m actually new to this group and I’m completely amazed at the knowledge base here. Because of this group I don’t feel so isolated in my tax practice and have more confidence than prior years. I read the majority of the email threads posted and its such a great learning opportunity for me.

Lee thank you so much for this group and your support. You’ve made this tax season so much better.

The same goes to the entire group….thank you one and all!!”

- Alan Schilt

“I’m also fairly new in my practice and work alone. I really appreciate your help and everyone else’s responses to the questions. I read almost all of them. It’s a great learning tool. Thanks again for helping all of us.”

- Albert S Johnson CPA

“Thank you all very much for your help…Special thanks to Lee…It’s so nice to have someone to ask a question of instead of going crazy by oneself…This group is such a blessing…”

- Pat Stansbery

“This group is a huge blessing. I especially appreciate the variety of interpretations that am IRS Pub won’t give you. Thanks all!”

- Aguayo Jaime

“I second that; Lee and this group is second to none!! Thank you for all your assistance with our questions!”

- Juan Velasquez

“Thanks for the feedback from everyone, it is really a plus to be able to access others opinions for special situations, which is what makes this forum an invaluable tool. Thanks for setting this up Lee.”

- Daryl

“Thanks Lee. So grateful for this site.“

- Elaine

“Thank you Lee. this has been a very stressful filing season and you have made it manageable.”

- Harlow Dawson

“I just wanted to say thank you to everyone on here who contributed to making doing taxes a bit easier this year. And especially a big thank you to Lee. Your advice has been much appreciated. Thank you for providing this forum.”

- Jim Jenks, CRTP

“Yes, Yes, Yes! Thanks to everyone, and especially the irreplaceable Lee.”

- Salvatore Spano

“Thanks for all your help during this season…”

- Pat Stansbury

“Yes, thanks again for your great assistance!”

- Juan Velasquez

“I, too, need to express my appreciation. This forum is a wonderful treasure! I’m very grateful. And, Lee, the amount of helpful info you provide is incredible!”

- Eva B. Konigsberg, EA, MBA

“That’s one of the best breakdowns I’ve seen for a 1031 exchange. I’m going to use it as a template if I ever have another one.”

- Justin T. Irving

“Thanks Lee. The Big Book has the Place of Honor on our tax library bookshelf.”

- Ken Adams

“I wish to thank all of you who responded to all my questions and concerns. Also thanks to all your questions; some were very helpful.”

- Harlow Dawson

“I have been in this group for sometime using great info for the Group/ Team. Thank you so much for your input – You’re a resource family I enjoy.”

- Tim Hald CPA

“Now that the tax season is over (except for extensions), I will like to thank Lee and all others who posted questions and answers to this forum. Knowing that I have access to this group reduces anxiety and stress from the tax season. While I am not very active in posting, I have read and filed all topics. As Mastercard commercial will say ‘this is priceless.'”

- Hemant Shah

“I could not agree more. The help I was given was invaluable.”

- Pat Eure, EA

“I can’t thank you enough!”

- Charlie Kimball