Enrolled Agent (EA) 24-Hour Bundle

Meet your Enrolled Agent IRS CPE Requirements with One Bundled Course.

Our low-cost IRS Approved courses are the best way to meet your annual Enrolled Agent CPE requirements. Order the courses individually or via our discounted bundle. These courses meet your continuing education requirements for 2024.

Our students are better prepared for tax season and use CountingWorks, Inc. resources as a reference all year round.

We offer all of our courses in online formats, with easy-to-download Adobe PDF versions, eBook and online final exams. By choosing this method, we offer a lower price, instant grading and a certificate upon passing. We even offer unlimited retakes! 

  • Multiple Choice questions
  • Online Final Exam & Certificate available 24/7
  • Automatic Grading - 70% passing - Free retakes if needed

"The various worksheets, the up to date topics, the print version, the indepth coverage of the gray areas that we Enrolled Agents come across, is the reason why I give these courses an A+."
- David L. Martin, EA

"I like the fact that I can take this course at 2:00 AM and get my certificate right then!"
- Charlotte Wilson, EA

"Best site so far for online learning courses." 
- William M Bistranin, EA