IRS Annual Federal Tax Refresher Bundle

With constant tax law changes, it is more important than ever for IRS AFSP tax professionals to invest in their continuing education.

At ClientWhys, we have been teaching independent tax professionals for over 30 years. We know what it takes to run a successful practice.

With the launch of our Annual Federal Tax Refresher Course and AFSP Record of Completion programs, you will receive: 

  • High-level continuing education covering the hottest topics and most recent tax law changes. No thin course material here.
  • Access to our comprehensive text material for one year, assisting in tax research.
  • IRS compliant format, with easy to use online platform.
Why ClientWhys

First, our clients love us.

Read over some of the glowing testimonials below to see why.

Second, we do not cut corners on the preparation of our course material. Our author, Lee Reams, EA, is a nationwide speaker and editor of the Big Book of Taxes 365, one of the industry's most popular research tools.

"The course was good. Lots of good material I could use in my practice."

"Thank you so much as always for all the valuable information and feedback!! ClientWhys is such a valuable tool for preparers!"

"I am familiar with many of the education providers out in the market. The Big Book of Taxes is far superior than most providers. Not only is it filled with a wealth of knowledge but having a resource tool that you interact with on your desktop for ease on research is invaluable. Thanks Lee and team.”

About the Annual Federal Tax Refresher Course and AFSP Record of Completion programs

With proposed legislation bringing regulation to the industry sooner or later, AFSP tax professionals already have a leg up on the competition and can represent their clients before the IRS during an audit.

Check out our comprehensive overview of the IRS accredited continuing education programs here. 


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