The ClientWhys, Inc. name is changing.

Posted by Lee Reams II on

We are excited to share the news that our parent company name has changed from ClientWhys, Inc. to CountingWorks, Inc. 

This move is not a change in control, but a strategic and marketing decision as we continue to grow our suite of services geared for tax and accounting professionals. 

How does this affect you?

Actually, not at all. 

We are the same great team you have come to depend on. 

We have been using the CountingWorks brand for our marketing automation platform for several years. It had become confusing to our customers when we communicated through both brand names. 

We will slowly be replacing the ClientWhys name throughout our product line. This includes on, The Big Book of Taxes, and a facelift to our webinar presentations. There will be a transition period where you might see the old ClientWhys logo on older material. So please bear with us.

Our path forward is clear.

We will continue to focus on providing quality tax updates and education for independent tax and accounting professionals. We will blend our education and coaching division with our marketing automation and digital front office solution. 

Our address and contact information will remain the same. 

CountingWorks, Inc.
2459 Eastbluff Drive, #448
Newport Beach, CA 92660

CPE Site:

Marketing Automation and Digital Front Office:

Thank you for trusting us for so many years. 

Lee Reams II

Lee Reans Sr.