IRS Annual Federal Tax Refresher Course - (AFTR-19) - 6 Hours

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Delivery Method: Self-Study

Learning Objective: After completing this course, and subsequently passing the timed (3-hr) final examination the student will have completed the IRS annual refresher course and competency exam portion of the requirements to qualify for a “Record of Completion” under the IRS voluntary program. To complete the requirements for the IRS program you must also complete 2-hours of ethics and an additional 10-hours of federal tax subjects and have a valid PTIN for the 2019 season. Once all requirements have completed the IRS will notify the practitioner to retrieve their “Record of Completion” from their PTIN account. 

Hours: 6-hrs (Federal Tax Refresher Course (AFTR))
Publication Date: 06/1/2018
Level: Basic
Author: Lee T. Reams, Sr. 
Prerequisites: None

Final Exam Grading Policy: This course is specifically designed to meet the IRS Annual Federal Tax Update Course (AFTR) requirement. The IRS requires this course to be completed no later than December 31, 2018. The final examination is a 3-hour timed exam that requires a score of 70% or better to pass. Should you fail the exam, you can retake it 3 times. The completion certificate will be automatically generated by the system when the test is passed. There are no refunds for this course.

Accreditation: IRS

For the 2018 filing season, the continuing education requirements for a non-exempt tax preparer are:

  • 6-Hours IRS Annual Federal Tax Refresher Course 
  • 2-hours Ethics
  • 10-hours Federal Tax Subjects

Note: Exempt tax preparers are not required to take this course, but are required complete 3 hours of Federal Tax Update, 10 hours of Federal Tax Subjects and 2 hours of Ethics education annually.

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IRS Required Subject Matter Included In the 6-hour AFTR Course Includes:

  • Annual Inflation Adjustments 
  • Di Minimis Safe Harbor Rule 
  • Protecting Americans From Tax Hikes (PATH) Act Of 2015 
  • The 2017-18 Year Filing & Extension Due Dates (individuals) 
  • Identity Theft 
  • Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) 
  • Determination Of Filing Status 
  • Claiming Someone As A Dependent 
  • Taxability of Wages, Salaries, Tips, Other Earnings 
  • Dividend Income 
  • Interest Income 
  • Sales Tax & State Tax Refund 
  • Schedule B Part III Foreign Accounts & Trusts 
  • Foreign Account Reporting Requirements (FBAR) 
  • Self-Employment Income 
  • Taxability of Social Security Benefits 
  • Taxable Distributions From IRAs, Pensions & Annuities 
  • Capital Gains and Losses 
  • Adjustments to Income 
  • Itemized Deductions 
  • Child Tax Credit 
  • Child & Dependent Care Credit 
  • Education Credits 
  • Retirement Savings Credit 
  • Premium Assistance Credit (PTC) 
  • Shared Responsibility Payment 
  • Understanding the 1095 Forms 
  • Earned Income Credit 
  • Withholding & Estimated Payments 
  • Refund Options 
  • Payment Options  
  • Preparer Penalties 
  • E-File Compliance 
  • IRS Voluntary Annual Filing Season Program