CPE406 - Overcoming Roth IRA Obstacles - 2 Hours CPE

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Delivery Method: Self-Study

Learning Objective: After completing this course the student will be able to determine an individual’s qualifications to make a Roth IRA contribution and the statutory and AGI limits on the contribution amount. Traditional IRA conversions and recharacterizations are studied including the application of the 5-year aging period for converted funds.  The course also studies the application of the saver credit, qualified distributions, non-qualified distribution penalties, distribution ordering rules, beneficiary distributions and the interaction with Roth qualified plans (401(k) and 430(b)).


CPE Hours: 2 ( Federal Tax Subject:2 )    
Publication Date: 05/01/2014     
Level: Intermediate
Author: Lee T. Reams, Sr.
Prerequisites: Basic Understanding of Tax Preparation.

Final Exam Grading Policy: Course material must be completed within 12 months of purchase. A score of 70% or better is needed for passing. The completion certificate will be automatically generated by the system.

Accreditation: CTEC, NASBA-QAS, IRS, Enrolled Agents