B219S Big Book of Taxes (Seminar Edition)

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Publication Date: Released November 2019
Field of Study: Federal Tax Update
Level: Intermediate
Material: Printed 900+ page textbook
Author: Lee T. Reams, EA

Available for the 1040 Review and Update seminar attendees, the Big Book of Taxes is your ultimate resource on everything tax. This 900+ page book is one of the most comprehensive tax update & review textbooks available on the market today, covering major and recently-impacted areas of individual income tax law.

Learn everything you need to know for the 2019 filing season. The Big Book of Taxes concentrates on areas that often trouble tax professionals and highlights the latest tax law changes, IRS regulations, court cases and rulings. This is the Federal and California version and includes California differences.

Release Date:
This printed version of the Big Book of Taxes will be shipped in October 2019