2019 The Big Book of Taxes Desktop Version

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Publication Date: 10/2019
Level: Intermediate
Author: Lee T. Reams, EA
Delivery Method – Downloadable .MSI file (For PCs only) 

Nothing is worse than working on a tough client tax problem and having nowhere to turn for answers. The Big Book of Taxes is the cornerstone of our continuing education program. And until now the Desktop edition was only available to Total Practice and Live Seminar attendees. 

The Big Book of Taxes includes over 1,000 pages of helpful tax research, charts, and examples. If it is about individual taxation and small business taxation, we have you covered The Desktop edition includes hyperlinks from the index for quick access to answers to your most pressing client problems. Includes citations to IRS publications and code. Use the quick search tools to pull up matches to any keyword search. There is a reason the Big Book of Taxes was rated 94 out 100 by its users. 

The Big Book of Taxes is more comprehensive than the commercial quick reference guides and much less expensive than subscriptions to the big brand research libraries. 

The Desktop Edition of the Big Book of Taxes is downloaded directly on to your computer and is accessed through an icon on your desktop. You will also get access to the full PDF text to download and read on your mobile devices. 

    This is a Windows-based application and requires a current version of Adobe Reader to Access.