2019 California Tax Return Preparer (CRTP) 20-Hour Bundle

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This Learning Path includes the following courses - CPE00919 - Ethics - Circular 230 Compliance Issues - 2 Hours CPE - 10 questions CPE07019 California Differences – 5 hours CPE – 25 questions CPE073 – Tax Update 2019 - 3 Hours CPE - 15 questions CPE32419 – Federal tax – Section 199A Deduction – 4 Hours – 20 questions CPE018 – Federal tax – Tax Potpourri – 6 hours – 30 Questions NOTE: YOU MUST COMPLETE ALL OF THE MODULES FOR EACH COURSE TO RECEIVE YOUR CPE. THIS INCLUDES THE LESSONS, REVIEW QUESTIONS, FINAL EXAM AND SURVEY. A PDF version of the course material and the Final Exam questions are available to download for off-line review. The printable PDFs can be found in the Additional References tab below. To begin a course, start with the first module, Step 1, Course Material Lesson 1. Once you have successfully completed the first lesson, complete the review questions and then move onto the next module. After successfully completing ALL of the modules including the lessons, review questions, final exam and survey, your CPE certificate will be available to print in your account under Achievements (trophy icon located on the left side of the screen). You will not be able to review your correct/incorrect answers to the final exam questions until you successfully pass the final exam. However, you may take the exam online as many times as it takes in order to pass successfully. The passing grade for a final exam is a score of 70 percent or higher.